Marjorie McWilliams’ Life Plan!

Marjorie’s Life’s Plan Telling A Story and Motivating Others to Discover Their Own Divine Purpose; “Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him, and he shall bring it to pass.” Psalms 37:5.

My journey has lead me to the core of who I am and my own uniqueness that I will exploit in service to others, I believe for such a time as this. In 2023, I will soar in this new decade or dimension on wings of eagles as the wind of the Holy Spirit carry me leaps and bounds like never before. I have found so much more than peace in the presence of the Lord. I have evolved and I am continually stepping into the courageous, bold, unstoppable king of my calling. God knows us far better than we know ourselves, and He knew what He was doing from the very beginning. Those He called, He foreknew, He predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, (Romans 8:28-31).

I am here on earth by divine assignment to do the will of my Father who sent me. I live by the value system of obedience to God, first and foremost, the faith that flows rivers of living water; and, integrity, honesty, respect, consistency, unity and humility. I am motivated by the love of God, an infinite growth and relentless solution-focused mindset. My driving passion is for children, the poor, and the weary. My personal ministry – movement and mission, mandate is to flow rivers of living water, in the form of spiritual nutrition, to others for life, light, love, and liberty that produce labors for the Kingdom of God’s Glory, The mission is a continuous of care network for orphans, widowers, and the poor that help create a work life balance of a God designed life. The Abundant Life mandate is to build bridges over death, poverty, and generational curses; and, to call forth God’s Will on Earth as it is in Heaven.

God works His plan in coordination with His Word through the Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. He’s preparing me for where I am going before I get there. The Father creates, the Son nourishes and guides, and the Holy Spirit is His Glory manifestation into the light or natural. When God speaks, I say it and can now see it, and then I can perform it. My experiences have taken me through the revelation of the first and second touch from God, and now there’s coming a divine connection to lead me through the third touch which will be seen in the manifestation of His plan into the natural.

“To meet your destiny, you first have to meet your purpose, a boundless, passionate energy that guides you down a path created just for you. The more you travel down this road, seeking out new ways to shape the life you want to live, the closer you’ll get to define who you are and why you’re here.” Lydia Sweatt, author of ‘The Self Is Made, Not Given’.

Family and Work Life Balance:
God has foreordained by His Divine Will a decree and plan for our life, even unto salvation. I aspire to see my family walking in unconditional love (we can be so much more happy that way.) peace and joy of the Holy Ghost regardless of circumstances; and laying hold of God plans for more of life’s abundance in work and life. The thoughts of God are for our peace and not of evil, to give us an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11). Even unto our soul salvation, you see, Jesus has already paid the price on the cross. We are in turn only walking out the process. That’s Romans 8:28, all things working together for good. It may not feel good but God will always make it good for His glory.

My divine assignment includes all of humanity, more specially those God has assigned to me, and Kingdom of God minded believers, all in service for God. I serve others with the understanding that marriage to God is my first ministry. and everything else follows. I will promote a culture environment of biblical love, peace, joy and a willingness to counsel and support others within my reach of opportunity. If information is disclosed to me of life’s secrets, whether potentially unethical violations or doings that are not of good faith, I will treat all information with complete confidentiality to the extent of the law and respect the one whose trust was released to me. I am committed to the love of God and humility in speaking words of wisdom in due season for the weary.

I commit to walk in love continually, to intentionally forgive and dismiss those things that are behind when disagreement flares; to stay alert, be in prayer and strategically intercede for others daily; and to make every effort to support and participate in special events that are meaningful to the family and a work life balance.

I submit this life plan by faith in God as a guide to myself and to those I serve. In Jesus’ name, so it will be.

Marjorie McWilliams, #AbundantLifeRevealed