Unleashing the true power of collaboration; the work force and technology are  ready, we also must be ready to run with a supernatural futurist vision for abundant life and for a world without poverty.

There’s a unique calling on each of our lives, and the way to get there is in service for others through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We talk a lot about miracles, signs and wonders but do we really know what each of  them means.  I have learned from my own life journey, God’s  greatest demonstration of the spirit of the Lord moving is captured in impossible situations beyond our control, and not what’s reference in our general daily life of normalcies. After all, this is where faith kicks in and we learn to walk by faith, the spirit of a living God and not by sight. Any vision you can do on your own is not from God. God never intended for us His people to be alone even starting from the book of beginnings. “…Then as their hearts are joined together in love, they will be wonderfully blessed with complete understanding. And they will truly know Christ. Not only is He the key to God’s mystery, but all wisdom and knowledge are hidden away in him” Colossians 2:2-3 CEV. His principle foundational truth is to aline us in relationship with His Son first and then others until full maturity of living and working in the fruits of His Holy Spirit. The one safety net to life in abundance is divine purpose. Asking, seeking and knocking on the door of His wisdom will aline you with His purpose. This is where you’ll find your greatest revelation, protection, provision, and abundance in life. This is where my divine assignment comes in. Because I am an overcomer, redeemed and delivered by the blood of Jesus, I carry an anointing and mandate to help others grasp their life’s light, love, liberty and labor for the Kingdom of God.

We are uniting together to build a purposeful work life movement and mission: A What IF Future Without Poverty, A Communication Network and Global Business Supply Chain Distribution Center. What we do is in service to our clients: orphans, widowers, the poor and weary.   

  1. Movement: The website and 24 hour network for abundance in life and work balance that shines a light on the needs of our clients in all areas; spirit body and soul, for continuous sustainable care, and my own journey to victory.
  2. Communication Site: A network of futurists, innovators, trailblazers seeking solutions for life most demanding issues; and advocate for the voiceless.
  3. Mission: a Global Supply Chain for a continuous flow to our clients and Emissary for Christ.

Abundant Life’s Mandate, Movement and Mission

The movement and missions are not just tasked with meeting the basic needs of poor people, but we go beyond to the abundance in areas of housing, health and nutrition, education, and personal care needs for orphans, widowers, the poor, and  the well being of future generations. Faithful giving and givers of life now reap an ongoing harvest for their future as well as for others.

Welcome, as I hope to inspire you into purpose and action!
The Abundant Life Ministries hole a light that will empower others to their divine purpose and effect change in the world. The few with the answer to their questions are the few who found the truth of their divine purpose. Who am I, why am I hear, what problem do I have the heart and passion to solve, and how can I serve others? My own life’s experience has proven to me that abundance in life can only be found in the life of those who serve God first and then a cause greater than themselves.

I therefore decree Thy Kingdom come and Thy Will be done here on earth; as a network of believers, we are seeking solutions that defeat and destroy generational curses, the death and poverty spirits off the land, in the name of Jesus. As David killed his Goliath carrying five stones, we too will walk by faith with God’s five indispensable weapons of mass destruction: truth, faith, righteousness, peace and salvation. We will build capabilities in five key areas: customers care,  processes, deliverable, internal controls and products for global supply chain. Faith sees what God can do long before it manifest, actually the fact that you can believe and see it means its already done now in the Heavenly; and we take it by force by loosing on earth what’s already done in Heaven. We can do the impossible through Christ who will strengthen us for the process, guide our steps into the vision, protect the vision, enlarge the vision, and open the doors for the vision to manifest here on earth; Amen, and so it will be, In Jesus’ name!

My Life’s Mandate: As an Overcomer, Evangelist, Thought Leader, Christ’s Emissary, Priest and King, I have been in training on the backside of the mountain for the past twenty plus years; cultivating my own uniqueness and now mandated to go into all the World flowing rivers of living water that effect changes in death, poverty, and generational curses; and ushering in the abundance of life, light, love, liberty, and labors that build The Kingdom of God’s authority her on earth.