The Movement and Mission: Building bridges over poverty, death and generational curses for orphans, poor and weary!

The Abundant Life Movement and Mission’s Mandate is to raise hunger awareness and seek solutions for life most demanding issues, inclusive of malnutrition, natural disasters and spiritual hunger. Each of these areas has their own needs and require unique resources to activate resolutions for our customers: orphans, the poor and weary.  These area are being serviced by hundreds of thousands in government agencies, institutions, organizations, corporations and churches, etc.; however, people are still suffering. Why? This is a question we should all be asking ourselves. And, are we our brother’s keeper? If you are a Kingdom minded believer, the scriptures tells us we are. Therefore, we all have a responsibility to DO SOMETHING at the level of our own capability. 

Researchers and my life experiences have proven life’s most fulfilled people are those who stand for something greater than themselves, care about others and will extend a helping hand to someone in need. Kingdom minded believers, change agents and innovators are driven by a cause and live life on purpose. They are focused, and have a strategic growth mindset. Herein is God who gives us the will to do and be of His good pleasures. As such, this movement is to enlighten, motivate and encourage others to know or want to know the answers to life’s most unanswered questions; and then act on their revelation in service to other. Who are you, why are you here, what are the things you care about and the problems you would like to see solved. Also, what lights your fire and make you willing to put on boxing gloves to fight for a cause? As I diligently sort the Lord for answers to these questions for myself, I found abundance in life, light, love, liberty and became a labor for the Kingdom of God and you can too.

Quote from Lydia Sweatt, author of ‘The Self is made, not given’; “To meet your destiny, you first have to meet your purpose―a boundless, passionate energy that guides you down a path created just for you. The more you travel down this road, seeking out new ways to shape the life you want to live, the closer you’ll get to defining who you are and why you’re here.”

The manifestation of the Abundant Life Movement and Mission will be accomplished through the establishment of the Movement, a continuious flow of spiritual nutrition for life, light, love, liberty, and labors to the Glory of God; and Mission, a global business supply chain ecosystem for orphans, the poor, and weary. The plan’s actionable steps are set in accordance to God’s divine directions forn the season we are in: Building a continuious of care network that raises awareness in needed areas; an established marketing plan, communication and collaborating with others in various world systems, members and partners to solve life’s most demanding challenges of this season. 

I decree a movement of Kingdom minded believers to seek divine guidance and serve other for life, light, love, liberty and labors to the Glory of God; and I invite you to join me in doing so – as the Glory of God shall cover the earth like the water cover the sea.