The Abundant Life Movement Purpose Statement: To flow rivers of living water in spiritual nutrition for life, light, love, liberty for abundance in a God-designed life, and to cultivate labors for a divine purposeful work-life to the Glory of God. David served the purposes of God and then he fell asleep, Acts 13:36.

The Abundant Life Mission Purpose Statement, A What If Futurist (WIF) vision for a global supply chain business ecosystem; a global enterprise that’s sustainable and not in competition with other industries but is a completion of a divine purpose and what government cannot do or have not ever done in its history among nations. A collaboration of businesses as members of an ecosystem spanning across multiple industries but co-evolving their capabilities to align with a central goal to fight death, poverty and generational curses.

My personal passion and mission, becoming the authentic me in writing and teaching the Word of God, and speaking words of wisdom in due season to the weary. I desire that all walk in their divine purpose and seek to challenge, inspire, and enlighten others to cultivate divine abundance in labor, peace and joy to the Glory of God.

A global network and business supply chain from social media communication to the economic community producing goods and services to distribute to customers, agencies, organizations, Institutions, manufactures and suppliers. The goal is for greater opportunities in the economic community of poverty-stricken areas; enabling them to receive and distribute their services, products, art and entertainments to the global World

Marjorie McWilliams is solution focused on life’s most demanding issues. As a Thought Leader, Influencer, Change Agent, and Trailblazer, she believes being driven by a divine propose is the master key to abundance in life and work balance. As an over comer, she’s carrying a mandate to inspire, influence and impart change in death, poverty and generational curses worldwide. Because I have found abundant life in my purpose while serving others, I know you can too, I am humbled to network with others as you discover your purpose and together we will reach our divine destiny. Scripture teaches to give and it shall be given back to you and because David served by giving to a purpose greater than himself, he found his purpose then he found himself; herein is the master key to open doors, mountain moving supernatural power, and chain breaking anointing. When you find your purpose, you will identify the power of the king within you. Are you ready?

A spring of living water is flowing from my kingdom of trailblazers, change agents & kingdom minded believers. Join us in the discussion as we unleash the true power of collaboration – technology and the work force are ready, are you ready to run with a supernatural futurist vision for abundance in life work and a world without poverty?

What we do is in service to our clients: orphans, widowers and the poor as we build an Abundant Life and Work Movement, A What IF Future (WIF) Communication Network and Global Supply Cain Mission.

  1. Movement: Website for Kingdom of God’s life and work balance; spiritual nutrition, sustainable salvation and intellegence, and My Life’s Journey Telling A Story.
  2. Communication: What if futurist vision of a world without poverty – advocate for the voiceless, a network of ideals and solutions for life’s most demanding issues.
  3. Our Goal and Actionable Mission: A business supply chain ecosystem for customers’ sustainability, an enterprise for continuous of care for our clients and emissary for Christ.