Spiritual Nutrition #4: Chaos!

Innovation is birth in the darkest shadow of chaos requiring you to trust in the spirit of God’s guidance.

Scripture Readings: Genesis 1, Matthew 1, and John 11. Song of Praise:  Let the Church Say Amen, Marvin Winans; God Has Spoken and I feel it in my spirit so let the Church say Amen.

Chaos is a state of extreme disorder, formless or condition of a matter, confusion; and can also be an abstract demand for change, a personification of the infinite preceding creation of the universe. It is the condition of a matter gone wrong and needing your attention. Are you listening? In its initial condition, the World and all within it was without form. The earth was barren, with no form of life; it was under a roaring ocean covered with darkness. But the Spirit of God was moving over the water. Then God created the Heaven and Earth filling it with day and night, sea and land, fish in the sea and birds in the sky; and then God created man. As with God’s creation of the earth, I have learned when destiny, truth, love, and innocence are being attacked, there is a greater force at work. The Holy Ghost power of God birthing His purpose in the environment of chaos. Jesus, the Divine Christ! He experienced a life-giving birth in chaos. Not only a virgin birth from the womb, but also a sacrificial death. And all the while the Spirit of God is presence at Jesus’ baptism and crucifixion. These dark clouds are not really chaos at all but a coming forth of something new, opportunity for a new dimensional walk of faith, growth, knowledge, and a dose of God’s Holy Spirit creating change. In the year of 2020, massive doses of revelation, wisdom, laws, invention, creative ideals and so much more will be birth from this moment and for many years to come. We have seen already countless books written that capture the history of this moment and many more will come. This generation cannot contain all that will be revealed or gained from the chaos in the World today, and the revelations of the year 2020 will still be talking to us way on into the next century.

In my own experiences there have been many defining moments revealing to me newness of life, revelations, wisdom and even deliverance from strongholds; from my childhood on into my adult life, major moves from North Carolina to New Jersey, New Jersey to Virginia, Virginia to Texas, and back to North Carolina again some 40 years later. The birth of my sons, the death of my sons’ father, my siblings, and parents. Defining moments are a natural occurrence in this journey called life. As an overcomer, each of these challenging experiences required that I grow and change in some way both personally and spiritually. None of this was easy to manage, but life itself does get easier to manage and handle with growth, love, and self control. Even today’s 10/2020 chaos from a medical appointment for a simple procedure. My emotion were tested in a very dark moment, however, with each thought I realized a greater purpose was being fulfilled. I can now recognize the brighter light from situations to allow the much more weight of God’s providence to come through. I know now that all things really do work together for my good because I am called according to a divine purpose. I am still not where I want to be, but I most differently is not where I use to be. God is strategic, and I have gained faith enough to know, He is working all things out for my good. The manifestation of God’s insightfulness of who I am, His purpose and plan, and the blessings for generations to come are the essentials of who I am.

The birth of Jesus was under chaos condition, but it resulted in God’s divine purpose of grace for His people.  A darkness that revealed a beautiful grace outcome.  It could not have been easy for Mary and Joseph to go door to door looking for a comfortable place for their baby to be born. Then finally, with no more time to waste, Mary had to deliver her baby Jesus in a barn that housed grain and sheep. This controversy brought about chaos in the beginning, but in the end the birth of Jesus brought about salvation for all. God had the resources but allowed his gift to the World to be born outside the system in a burn. His divine purpose prevails regardless. Why? Maybe it was to ensure that no one else could take credit for His creation; born in the image of the Father of all, and a new birth without limits that would change the trajectory of mankind and the World.

Light transforming darkness as revealed in the chaos of this time and season. So, I challenged my thinking to imagine what follows the chaos and to see the World from a different perspective, and to acknowledge God’s desired results from the chaos seen around the World today. If we walk in the flesh without God’s guidance, people will lose their way. As I walk in the spirit, I see the beauty in conditions that can result in a World without poverty, injustice, and lawlessness. I challenge myself to concentrate my energy on this moment long enough to captivate it essence. The cries in the street from four-hundred plus years of injustice, immigration laws taking babies from their parents and putting children in cages with no plan to return a large number of them back, and the burning forest fires in several states destroying millions of acres. What else can this be but an image of Solemn and Zamora destruction of a nation. We are seeing the darkest cloud this nation has ever seen in my generation. Yet, the most beautiful pictures are being created and developed in the dark room of the black clouds. God’s greatest gifts of light come forth from chaos and darkness – creating his greatest purpose. Our weaknesses are one of His greatest strengths.

I ask God to roll the stones away of death poverty and generational curses. Roll back the darkness to reveal His plans and purpose for your life. Truth has absolute power in this sacred moment. According to the election of grace, there is a remnant of God’s people that remain for His purpose. Fear not understanding when destiny and time come together, there will be chaos. I challenge you to always view the chaos happening around you and in the World not as a means to break or depress you, but from a light of God’s Holy Spirit at work creating positive growth and changes. God has given us a new opportunity for making positive change in ourselves and the World. Are you listening, and are you ready!

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