Kingdom of God is… The Key;

The Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost being God in the flesh for the Kingdom is within us. We are little kings made in the image of God, Genesis 1:26, made he them in the likeness of His dear Son. This is a very important key. Knowing who you are will make you question you: where are you in your spiritual walk, not in the monetary things but in a balance life of peace and joy? So, how do we get there; that is, to righteousness, peace and joy. We get there by putting on God and His whole armor, by praying and praising His Holy name. The Kingdom comes in three stages: the first stage is deliverance from sin; the next is impartation, the washing of your soul with the Word of God for spiritual growth; and lastly is restoration of David’s Monarchy, love power and authority.

The concept of The Kingdom of God is not a primary space you hang your hat nor territory in a natural kingdom, but it is domain and of power and authority that destroy the works of satin and all his lesion armies. The key to the Kingdom of God is evidence of His power at work in you, through you and around you or areas where God reign supremely. He has the final authority in the decisions you make, the answers you seek and your focused destiny. His will is obeyed in the sacrifices you make in service for others, and the impact you have on others that you encounter in your daily walk. This is bring Heaven here on Earth. Whatsoever, you bind on Earth will be bound in Heaven, and that you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven. It is not your will but God’s Will be done here on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

Discovering your identify and purpose in life are key essential to a balance work life abundant perspective. This interlectural key in the Kingdom of God is a treasure of darkness, and its hidden riches are in secret places. I pray for each of you to know who you are, to have the discernment in knowing what to bind and loose on earth as in Heaven, and I command the spirit of light to shine on everyone finding their way to this reading.

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