Spiritual Actionable Intelligence: The Word is made flesh.

My work for the Kingdom has fulfilled me beyond my wildest dreams, and more than anything I have ever experienced in life. God is abundantly more than I can think or ask. This scripture is one of the first I remember standing on for manifestation, and now ‘The Word has been made flesh dwelling among us.  My vision and this mission ministry are symbolic of Jesus and all His glory. I believe the vision multiplied and increased down through generations – from my grandmother, Edith and mother Leora, and will manifest itself on up through generations to come. God’s plans are generational, and His glory shows itself through the people of God. The master key to manifestation is the words coming out of your mouth; and scripture tells us it will be, “Be it done unto me Lord according to Thy Word”.

By faith, we must recognize the things seen are temporary as we tap in on our now circumstances of what it looks like today. The Holy Spirit will continually feed our open and growth mindset, educating us on procedural steps until we build according to His specification. I am always praying, “teach me Lord in the way that I should go, lead me, guide me in every way”. I know not what to do, but I know in whom I believe and I am confident of this one thing, He who has begun a good work in me will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

The Lord is my gap filler, and the same power that destroys the yokes and bondages in our lives is the same spiritual power that gives life, wisdom, knowledge and understanding to do the will of The Father who calls us. I know the Lord is able, not we ourselves, but the Lord is able to do this seemingly impossible thing. And as I go knowing “God can do anything, but fail”, the way will be open unto us. In 2017, the foundation and vision was born – Its now 2018, the year of new beginning. The vision given by God will birth you out of what your mouth has gotten you into. In other words, speak life to the vision and plan of God verses the death previously spoken. In Christ Jesus, we are alive and well. We are free, to be all that God has ordained us to be. We are free to arise with the morning sun, and look up for it is time to be about our Father’s business.

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