Dreaming Big For Abundant Life

We are the hands of God that flow rivers of living water for abundant life. In John 4:14, scripture reminds us, “The water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life”. We are the fountains through which Jesus can overflow us as “rivers of living water” in blessings to everyone.

This is my dreaming big story for more – more life, light, love, liberty and labors for the Kingdom of God; and understanding that I am no average Joe because I am a ‘Kingdom Minded Believer’. Believing that the mind of Christ in us has the infinite opportunity to do and create things of impossibility. Therefore, my faith alone with a growth mindset seek after wisdom and opportunities to effect world changes in poverty, death, generational curses and empowering those seeking to be whole.

Marjorie cried unto The Lord saying if you would bless us indeed, enlarge our territory, strengthen our states and that your hands be with us; we will hurt no one but instead bless them and empower them with favor. The Lord heard my cry, enlarging my territory with a vision, a what if future; a dreaming big vision and plan to build the waste land through enterprise supply chain globalization: 1) Ecosystems to flow supplies for life to the orphans and the poor; 2) A Continuous of Care Network to raise awareness and supply chains of needs assessed; 3) Thought Leaders for solutions that flow more life in areas of demanding economic issues; 4) Advocate for orphans and the poor; and, 5) Empowering others with focus wisdom – for man does not live by bread alone; and labors for The Kingdom of God.

I am a leader of strategic vision and purpose; as I identify resources in the World, I creatively identify and combine the needs of our clients with those resources. The Abundant Life Mission will have an even flow of goods and services for those in need: awareness, support and empowerment for orphans, the poor and widowers are our primary goals. As we form this continuous of care network, we are encouraged to see the members, sponsors, partners and stakeholders ready to serve the needs of others globally. Our television network airs daily and showcase areas of needed resources, updated progress reports from already flowing areas, and projected plans for future areas. The Abundant Life’s movement will focus knowledge to empower, make significant and enlarge kingdom businesses as well as other economic outlets.

This global network is made possible through our members, partners, sponsors, and Chief Executive Offer. The company is prosperous because everything we build is to serve the needs of others. Money generated by revenue is recycled back into building and strengthening our foundation and grow the ecosystems. This is also made possible through our humility and agreement of this one thing – to flow life, light, love, for liberty and labors in the body of Christ; this represents the greater purpose of who we are.


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